I feel a bit depressed. Lonely, I guess. But just sad really. My heart pines for romance, but I feel that’s just superficial. I think I must choose joy in order to feel happy. That’s the truth. I feel sad, but for what? Because I’m alone? No. I’m unhappy because I choose misery, sorrow. I have a good life, here and now, and before me. Of these last few days, You’ve exhorted me to “Seek and Find”. I must choose to put fear behind me. I may can choose my circumstances; but I mustn’t let them be a predicate to define me. Even if I “do” good, that’s not why I “am” good. But because I am good, I must do good so as to honor You foremost and my soul. So what then is the problem before me? I do pray I grow beyond it. Ironically, the Gavin DeGraw lyrics come to mind:

Makes things real
Makes things feel
Feel alright

Makes things true
Things like you
You and I
Tonight, you arrested my mind
When you came to my defense
With a knife
In the shape of your mouth
In the form of your body
With the wrath of a god
Oh, you stood by me

Good night, God. I love you, Jen.

Jennifer Wiggins