The Powell Group

The Powell Group

Created under The Powell Group.

About the Client

“At The Powell Group our purpose is simple. Through advertising, promotions, and events, we bring companies together to advance all parties involved. Selling national media for independent magazine publishers and television producers, primarily in the great outdoors and cattle industry, is what launched The Powell Group in 1989. Soon after we blazed the trail of establishing marketing affinity relationships between corporate America and numerous mail order operations – with catalogs ranging from fishing, hunting, and camping to adult female fashions to athletic footwear to tween age girl fashions and more” (The Powell Group).

About the Design

As the in-house designer for The Powell Group, I was commissioned to rebrand the company, elevating its visuals to a more contemporary appeal. This was primarily achieved through typography and color. With its tagline being “Creating the Ring of Success”, I found replacing the “o” in Powell advantageous to not only incorporating the bell into the design, but also creating the idea that “creating the ring of success” comes by the name of “Powell”. The design was applied to all company marketing touchpoints.