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Giving Your Best

That’s all anyone can ask, require, give. Get over the expectation of giving more than that. Strive to grow so that you can give more, but be proud of what you can give at the moment. One great lesson I learned a few years back is that you must feel good about what you have to offer. At the end of the day, rejoice and take pride in the work you put forward; be content and happy, for you could have given nothing more and what you gave is right for the moment. Take account of where you’ve come from, and know with each day there’s a new beginning and opportunity to put forth your best effort, and hopefully, to grow.

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“Design should never overshadow the story”
(n.d. HOW Magazine).

Branding and marketing — I liken them unto dating.

YOU are a unique individual. You. You are the only you out there. God has no Plan-B. You’re it.

You wake up each day with the fierce determination to own your eccentricities, to flaunt them even. You delight in all of you. And the social being that you are, you desire to share in this life with others, particularly one whom you can call yours.

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I feel a bit depressed. Lonely, I guess. But just sad really. My heart pines for romance, but I feel that’s just superficial. I think I must choose joy in order to feel happy. That’s the truth. I feel sad, but for what? Because I’m alone? No. I’m unhappy because I choose misery, sorrow. I have a good life, here and now, and before me. Of these last few days, You’ve exhorted me to “Seek and Find”. I must choose to put fear behind me. I may can choose my circumstances; but I mustn’t let them be a predicate to define me. Even if I “do” good, that’s not why I “am” good. But because I am good, I must do good so as to honor You foremost and my soul. So what then is the problem before me? I do pray I grow beyond it. Ironically, the Gavin DeGraw lyrics come to mind:

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Make It Plain – The Practice of Writing

I’ve heard of the benefits of writing your goals and dreams down. From a scriptural standpoint, there’s Habakkuk 2:2 (AMP), “And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may [be able to] read [it easily and quickly] as he hastens by.” From a scientific standpoint, there’s the correlation between writing and deepening neural paths. Also from a physiological standpoint, there’s the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine into your system, which is responsible for personal focus and goal achievement. So here I am, ruminating about some of my hopes and dreams, and subsequently, goals.

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Shame Is Not The Name

I sit here ruminating over my current job situation. The feeling that I’ve somehow, in some measure, let them down. What it boils down to is that I see my failings as a sign of insecurity in myself.  My fumbles and foibles show a low self-esteem and weakened character. Thankfully I do see God’s hand in all of this as He lifts my spirit and my head, constantly loving me the way I am. He’s been leading me down a path to self discovery and actualization. As He’s been faithful to do, He granted me insight in my present state; more clearly now I see that my inadvertent snafus are the result of where I’m deriving my name.

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Difference Maker

Ironically I was debating on what to call this post. I give credit to NeedToBreathe for the title and melodic inspiration for this post. I’m most often spoken to through music; God’s timing if you will. I believe it is.

Much of these past several months has been about addressing fear. A deep-seeded kind. The changes I’ve undergone have been divinely instructed and I’m forever grateful. Why share this? Well, I find it my purpose to share my life with others to encourage and instigate healthy growth in their own lives. Simply, I’m here to love as I have been loved.

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